Construction Services

Construction sites are vulnerable to threats such as theft, vandalism and deliberate damage. Depending on the area, each site is bound to have a few security issues.

We aim to mitigate these issues by patrolling, static guarding, in- and out-processing of personnel and vehicles, management and operation of technical systems, generation of response to incidents and issues and liaison with the site operator or manager. To ensure that all the guards fulfil their responsibilities, they are thoroughly trained and qualified to operate all equipment and perform its duties.

Crowd Control

Firstly, as the name suggests crowd controllers are required in the areas where there are large amounts of congregating people. These include stadiums, sporting events, large scale music festivals, rallies and public speeches. Their main responsibility therefore is to make sure that the crowd remains peaceful and those within it, safe. Usually this means by simply keeping a close look-out for any signs of impending trouble, but it can also mean keeping a close eye on any potential criminal activity such as pick-pocketers and drug peddlers.

We ensure that a safe environment is maintained by monitoring the exit and the entry points as well as the area to where the event is taking place. Either way, we are prepared to act should something occur. And, not only are we responsive we also establish a point of contact should anyone seek any help for problems such as medical emergency or stolen goods.

Licensed Premises Services

It is the responsibility of the venue to provide a safe environment for patrons and staff and it is our duty to help the venues attain their responsibilities.

Our security services ensure that the patrons and the staff can have a good time while they feel safe and comfortable. Our staff are required to screen patrons entering and exiting the premises, and to control patron behaviour in and around the premises to avoid any conflict and anti-social behaviour.

Patrolling Services

Australia is one of the safest countries in the world, however robbery and intrusion take place every single day. Do we want the worry about our assets being robbed? Probably not.

We ensure the safety of your surrounding by assisting in an emergency, checking for intruders and larkers, reporting accurate incidents and responding rapidly to any incident call-out, provide coverage to your sites or facilities, confirming signs of criminal activity, recognizing unlicensed vehicles and escorting staffs for their protection and securing assets and property.

Let our security services provide peace of mind that your assets are safe and secure.

Concierge Services

A Concierge specialises in personal assistance or any other assistance services like household management, lifestyle management, transportation, travel and vacation planning, etc.

Our professional and welcoming approach ensures your residents are quickly engaged with their Concierge and will enjoy immediate benefits. A Concierge in your property is a direct reflection on your attitude toward lifestyle and provides an asset to your owners and investors.


The role of the static security guard is to essentially man a post to make sure unauthorised people don’t enter a premises or restricted area, the protection of property, check credentials, diffuse any potential trouble or disputes, and generally just keep a keen eye on everything. The security service we provide will ensure that the client will feel secure and risk free.


The role of an event security guards includes but is not limited to screening patrons at entry for unwanted items like food or alcohol, respond to crowd controllers, protect staff and customers and follow the rules outlined by the company. Our services will ensure that the all the responsibilities outlined by the client will be fulfilled; from risk management to operations and communication, that will lead to successful event.